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DARYOU DY-50,DY-60 Setup

Attention: If you HAVE your own imaging software, ONLY finish Step 1 and Step 2 below

If you DON'T have your own imaging software, SKIP Step1 and  Step 2, ONLY finish Step 3

Step 1 - Locate your Order #

This step  is MANDATORY. A License cannot be issued without your order number (and Registration ID which you will obtain in Step 2)

  • If you ordered off Amazon or eBay, log in your account to find it

  • If you ordered from or via Paypal, search your email to find Order ID or Invoice ID

  • If you are an IT, contact your doctor to get it

  • If you don't have a valid order number, you can click Daryou Button Driver to buy licenses

Step 2 - Install Software


You ONLY need to install ONE of the Daryou Drivers below, depending on what imaging software you use. 


Choose the one group that your dental imaging software name is in and click on the button below the list. During the installation and setup process you will see your Registration ID which is used, along with your order number (Step 1) to generate a license.


Note that each computer you install on will have a different Registration ID (like a fingerprint). Therefore, you need to install the appropriate driver and activate on each computer. Once a computer is activated, you can use any Daryou camera on that computer.

Note: Only cameras that were ordered after Jan.1,2019 are qualified for THREE licenses each


We will send you a license in 30 minutes after you request it during our business hours of Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time


If you don't have one of the imaging programs shown below, you can use the software that comes with the camera. Go to Step 3.


















Step 3 - Install Daryou Imaging

Daryou Imaging allows you to capture and save images for a patient if you do not use one of the platforms shown in Step 2

1. Click Dental USB to install this camera's imaging software. Tick "Create a Desktop shortcut" when install

2. You will see a Dental USB icon on Desktop. You can use this software to take and save pictures.

3. Read the User Guide(in your camera box) to learn how to use this program.

4. Plug camera into a USB port, preferably on the back of the computer.

5. Windows will install driver for it. 



  • ​ACE Dental,Adstra,Apixia,Apteryx/XV/X-RayVision

  • CaptureLink,Cleardent,

  • DBSwin,DentiMax,Dettio,

  • Fuse

  • HandyCapture,Harmony

  • iDentalCloud,ImageXL

  • OneView,OpenDental,Oryx

  • Patient Gallery,ProfSuni,Progeny

  • SafeCom,Schick CDR,Smartdent/Rayscan,SoftDent

  • TigerView 7/Visix,Tracker,

  • VaTech EasyDent-i,XDR

                   Click below button


  • ​Dexis,Eaglesoft

  • Abledent,AIS

  • CADI,Carestream/Kodak/CS imaging

  • CliniView,CurveHero,ClioSoft Sota

  • D4W,Dental Eye,Digora,DentalEMR,

  • Dentrix Ascend,Dentrix Image

  • ExaminePro,EvaSoft,

  • iDentalsoft,LOGOsw,MiPACKS,NNT

  • Owandy QuickVision

  • Romexis,Scanora,Sopro,Sidexis

  • Tab32,TigerView8/DentiView,Triana,VixWin, XVLite

                  Click below button

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