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I-Sensor H2/H1 Quick Setup

Follow below to quickly set up this i-Sensor to YOUR X-Ray software. You do not need to install other software.

1.Insert USB disk into computer.

2.Run Qt4-sensor-twain-driver-D1.0.1.3-setup.exe and accept default setting and finish. This will create a "TWAIN2 Sensor " or

"TWAIN2 i-Sensor" driver.

3.Click your software name on below list to integrate into your software.

4.When launch the driver the first time, you will be asked "Whether to download the calibration file through the network”, click "No". Then you will be asked "whether to manually import the calibration file", click "Yes". Navigate to folder "Detector+PFxxx+CorrectFile" (For model H2) or Detector+PExxx+CorrectFile (For model H1) on the USB disk, click "Select folder". You will see "import success". Click "OK"

5.Set your voltage and current by following below two pictures.

If you need help, call our technical support 1-800-257-6158

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