Daryou button drivers are grouped into two groups. You ONLY need to install ONE Daryou driver. Choose the one group that your dental imaging software name is in.  


  • Apteryx,XDR,CDR,Schick,Tracker

  • Cleardent, DentiMax

  • AbleDent, CaptureLink, ProfSuni, VaTech EasyDent-i,Visix,Patient Gallery,

  •  Mogo,OneView  

  • DBSwin,Dettio,Progeny

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  • Dexis,Eaglesoft,VixWin,CADI,Dentrix Image,Sopro,ExaminePro,EvaSoft

  • CurveHero,ClioSoft Sota,Romexis

  • Carestream/Kodak/CS imaging

  • Dentrix Ascend

  • QuickVision,Sidexis,iDentalsoft,DentalEMR

  • NNT,LOGOsw,Adstra,CliniView,Digora

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