Daryou Button Installation Manual





Daryou button drivers are grouped into two groups. You ONLY need to install ONE Daryou driver. Choose the one group that your dental imaging software name is in.  


  • Apteryx,Adstra,XDR,CDR,Schick,Tracker

  • Cleardent, DentiMax

  • AbleDent, CaptureLink, CliniView, ProfSuni, Dentrix Ascend, VaTech EasyDent-i,Visix,Patient Gallery,

  • Digora,Mogo,OneView  

  • DBSwin,Dettio,Progeny

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  • Dexis,Eaglesoft,VixWin,CADI,Dentrix Image,Sopro,ExaminePro

  • CurveHero,ClioSoft Sota,Romexis

  • Carestream/Kodak/CS imaging

  • QuickVision,Sidexis,iDentalsoft


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