You can watch a video to setup

1.  Plug camera in USB and power it on 

2. Launch Eaglesoft, follow bellow pictures and click Red-circled icons to set up

If you have any problem to follow bellow pictures,call us 1-800-257-6158 for help


Click File->Preference

Click X-Ray tab,Tick "Use scanner default interface",Click "Scanner" button,Choose "DY50 TWAIN32 1.0(32-32),click "Select" button

Click OK button

                                             Bellow is how to use everyday. Click on the monitor picture


Click the teeth icon to select a patient,click "use" to use the patient


     Click File->New->Scanned images to launch the video

If this is the first time to set up, you need to activate this driver.Make sure camera is turned on

you will see a Registration ID on your screen.

Then send email to with bellow information

1)Camera's Amazon order number

2)Registration ID which is shown on screen

3)Name of your dental software

4)Your name and phone number

We will send you license key in 1 to 12 hours during 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.You copy and paste the license key in the License key box,click OK to finish the activation


Press Capture button on DY-50 or ON/OFF button on DY-60 to take pictures .Click "Done" when finish




















































Step 6:

To take another picture, click File->Optical Scanner Acquire