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Installation Manual

You can watch a video to setup

Or follow below to set up

1. Plug camera in USB and power it on

2. Launch Eaglesoft, follow bellow pictures and click Red-circled icons to set up

If you have any problem to follow below pictures,call us 1-800-257-6158 for help


Click File->Preference

Click X-Ray tab,Tick "Use scanner default interface",Click "Scanner" button,Choose "DY50 TWAIN32 1.0(32-32),click "Select" button

Click OK button

                                             Below is how to use everyday. Click on the monitor picture



Click the teeth icon to select a patient,click "use" to use the patient















 Click File->New->Scanned images to launch the video

 Make sure camera is turned on   

 Press Capture button on camera to take pictures .Click "Done" when finish





























If your X-ray sensor use TWAIN,this setup will conflict with it. Follow below FAQ to set up in another way



































1. I can see video, but capture button doesn't work
A: Click File->New->Scanned images,NOT File->New->Intraoral images, to launch video
2.My X-ray sensor use TWAIN.This camera use TWAIN also. They conflict
A: Set up this camera in another way. Click                            to set up
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