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Quality Intraoral Cameras

For The Best Possible Price 

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Trusted By Thousands of Happy Customers!
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Trusted by Thousands of Happy Dentists!

Check out some of our reviews below!

Dr. Lewis

Best money-saving purchase I've made in my practice all year. I was about 5 seconds away from calling in an order for 3 of the fancy, big-name cameras for about $14,000, but decided on a whim to try one of these and see if it worked. Worked great...even better than my $6000 camera that I already had installed. So I ordered a dozen of them, one for each op, for a tenth of the cost! My team says they are much better than our other expensive cameras. The camera turns itself on when you lift it out of the cradle, and takes a picture with one button press. Could not recommend DARYOU enough, Thank you!

Dr. Ching

I just started using this intraoral camera. I must say so far so great. I have used dental intraoral cameras in practicing general dentistry for over 15 yrs and this is the best one. Not only is the price amazing but the quality of the pictures is clear and the system is easy to use. Definitely recommend it.

Dr. Sanders

The value of this camera blows my mind. I recently bought a dental practice and wanted to bring in intraoral cameras to use for patient education and treatment planning. I had my local dental supply rep come in and show me the options. He showed me 2 options: 1 "cheap" camera for $3200 and 1 "cadillac" version for $5000. Feeling discouraged I began researching online and thought I'd give the Daryou Ultra (DY-50) a try.  Relatively simple to use and very good, crisp pictures. The auto-focus works very well and I don't have to fumble around trying to focus the picture as I have in the past with the expensive cameras. The detail and clarity of the photos are better than a camera I had in the past that was $2000. The quality and price of this camera is amazing. 

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