Fully Integrate Daryou into Your Software. 


Complete your Daryou set with this beneficial accessory. Image capture is made even easier with the Daryou Foot Pedal.

DARYOU Intraoral Camera Foot Pedal(condition:used,like new)

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  • Fast and Easy way to fully integrate your Intraoral Camera into all Imaging Software

    • Without the Daryou Foot Pedal/Switch, your Intraoral Camera's capture button will take/save/display images only in the imaging software that it comes with. 
    • Daryou Foot Pedal/Switch will enable your Intraoral Camera's capture button to take/save/display images directly into most North American Imaging Software 
    • Eg. Dexis, Eaglesoft, Suni, Dentimax, XDR, Apteryx, Cleardent, CliniView, Tracker, etc.
    • Simply plug our Foot Pedal/Switch into your computer (via USB)
    • Stepping on the Foot Pedal/Switch will then automatically take pictures and save directly into your patient's chart. 

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