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Fully Integrate Daryou into Your Software. 


Complete your Daryou set with this beneficial accessory. Image capture is made even easier with the Daryou Foot Pedal.

DARYOU New Intraoral Camera Foot Pedal

$129.99 Regular Price
$90.99Sale Price
  • Fast and Easy way to fully integrate your Intraoral Camera into all Imaging Software

    • Without the Daryou Foot Pedal/Switch, your Intraoral Camera's capture button will take/save/display images only in the imaging software that it comes with. 
    • Daryou Foot Pedal/Switch will enable your Intraoral Camera's capture button to take/save/display images directly into most North American Imaging Software 
    • Simply plug our Foot Pedal/Switch into your computer (via USB)
    • Stepping on the Foot Pedal/Switch will then automatically take pictures and save directly into your patient's chart. 

    Compatible Imaging Software is categorized into 3 groups

    • Dexis Group: Dexis, Suni,, Dentimax, XDR, Apteryx, Cleardent, CliniView, Tracker
    • Eaglesoft : Eaglesoft
    • Others: All other imaging software not listed in the above groups.  If you choose this group, you need to put your imaging software's name in memo  when check out

    Please email/phone us or leave a note after purchase to confirm your software group. 


    • Cable length: 2 meters (6 feet)
    • Connection: USB
    • System Requirements: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista

    *If you have any questions regarding compatibility with your specific imaging software, feel free to contact us by phone/email.

FREE SHIPPING, Delivered Within 1 Week 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or 30-Day Money back

FREE Tech Support From USA 

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