1. In OpenDental,click “Sopro”,select a patient,click "Capture" and choose "DY50 TWAIN32". You will see live video.
2.Press Capture button on the camera to take pictures. When finish,click "Done" button to save pictures in your patient chart

Check pictrures bellow

If this is the first time to use this camera, you need to activate this driver

you will see a Registration ID on your screen similar to bellow.

Then send email to sales@daryou.ca with bellow information

1)Camera or this driver's order number

2)Registration ID shown on screen

3)Name of your dental software:Sopro

4)Your name and phone number

We will send your license key in 1 to 12 hours during our business hours.You copy and paste the license key in the License key box,click OK to finish the activation






























































Step 6:

To take another picture, click File->Optical Scanner Acquire