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Think Smart, Think Ultra


Daryou Ultra opens up new doors for your patients with jaw dropping image quality giving your patients the knowledge they need. With an ultra light, ergonomic, and easy to use hand-piece, both your patients and practice will be happy.



DARYOU DY-50 Ultra Dental Intraoral Camera. Manufacturer refurbished

$299.99 Regular Price
$138.99Sale Price
    • Stunning High-Resolution Pictures 
    • Direct USB to computer connection 
    • Ergonomic Ultra-light Camera
    • Super-wide auto-focus lens
    • Convenient Automatic power-off function 
    • Effective Anti-fog non-spherical lens
    • Image management software included with purchase (save, compare and print images)
    • DARYOU capture button driver is included. This driver makes the camera capture button take pictures in most imaging software and save pictures in client's chart automatically.No other device required. It works with below software.Each camera comes with THREE Button licenses

    • DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Apteryx/XV(X-Ray Vision), Adstra, XDR, CDR, Schick, Tracker, Cleardent, DentiMax,ACE Dental software

    • CaptureLink, CliniView, ProfSuni, Dentrix Ascend, EasyDent-i,Owandy QuickVision,Apixia,Dental Eye

    • Digora, Romexis, OneView, ExaminePro,TigerView/Visix,Tab32,Harmony,ImageXL,Triana,HandyCapture

    • VixWin, CADI, Dentrix Image, Carestream/Kodak/CS Imaging, Cliosoft/Sota, CurveHero, iDentalsoft,NNT,LOGOsw

    • DBSwin, Dettio, Progeny, Sopro, Sidexis XG, Sidexis 4G, Dental EMR, EvaSoft,Smartdent/Rayscan,Patient Gallery

    • Works with Windows 10/8/7/VXP/Vista (64 and 32 bit)
    • Universal JPEG imaging format

    Package content:

    • 1 Daryou Ultra Intraoral Camera
    • 1 Magnetic Camera Holder
    • 1 USB Connection Cable
    • 50 Deluxe Protective Camera Sheaths

    Technical spec:

    • Power: DC 5V+/-0.5V(1.5A) by USB
    • Type of Focus: Auto-focus of AF
    • Picture: 4.8 million pixels (static)
    • Viedo:640x480
    • Scope of Focus: 5mm-50mm
    • Camera Length: 20 cm
    • Cable Length: 2 m 
    • Connection port: 5 pinhole
    • Handset Weight: 38 g 
    • Model: DY-50

FREE SHIPPING, Delivered Within 1 Week 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or 30-Day Money back

FREE Tech Support From USA 

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