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Dexis  Installation Manual

For Dexis 9

If your Dexi is 9.4.4 or 9.4.5,our DY-50 camera is NOT working with them. Contact Dexis to upgrade to 9.4.6


1. Plug camera in USB

2.Launch Dexis,on the screen, on the top-right corner, click on “wrench icon”.

3. on the new window, click on DEXimage tab. Set

Video hardware:WDM 640 x 480

Capture device:-automatic- or USB video device.

Click done

To launch the video

  1. double click on a patient’s record. Find the intraoral camera icon with a tale around it to launch video.

  2. If video not show, restart computer


                                                                   For Dexis 10

  1.  Plug camera in USB

  2. Launch Dexis. on the top-right corner,click on wrench icon.

  3. Click video acquisition

  4. Set primary device:Dentrix ImageCAM II USB. Or Any device. Then Click Apply,click OK






















5. go to a patient record. Click on the Intraoral camera icon. then click on Record button to see video












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