CS Imaging Installation Manual


Step 1:

Launch CS Imaging. Click File->TWAIN->Select Source


Select DY50TWAIN32 1.0(32-32)

Step 3:

Click File->TWAIN->Acquire to launch the video

If this is the first time, you need to activate this driver

you will see a Registration ID on your screen similar to bellow.

Then send email to sales@daryou.ca with bellow information

1)Camera or this driver's order number

2)Registration ID shown on screen

3)Name of your dental software:CS Imaging

4)Your name and phone number

We will send your license key in 1 to 12 hours during our business hours.You copy and paste the license key in the License key box,click OK to finish the activation

Step 4:

Press the Capture button on camera to take picture






























































Step 6:

To take another picture, click File->Optical Scanner Acquire












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