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VixWin Installation Manual

Step 1: 

CLICK HERE to install IOC Snapshot








Enter in the license key when you see this window. If you would like to use a trial key, this one is good for 2 weeks.






Step 2: 

After the installation you will see a blue camera icon in your system tray, right click it and select VixWin in the list of programs. Right click the blue camera again and go to Select Camera, and chose the camera you want to work with. The checkmark boxes should look similar to this:



Step 3:

Run VixWin with a patient open. Click your camera’s capture button OR left click on the blue camera icon in the system tray to bring up the VixWin Snapshot window. Once the VixWin SnapShot window is open take images with the camera’s capture button, each time you click the camera’s button you will see thumbnails created in the sidebar. You may double click the image to blow it up or you can right click on the image to delete it.


Step 4:

When you close the VixWin Snapshot window, the images will be in VixWin.

Step 5:

After you made the button work, send email to in this form

         1.Title: Button license request
 email,tell us bellow information

           Amazon order number:

           Name of imaging software:

           Phone number:

We will send you permanent Activation code. then you put it  in this software. To put this code in, at the bottom of screen, right-click on the blue camera icon to bring it up. Scroll down to bottom, click Option->put in New activation code

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