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Warranty:4 years

Free technical support: one year

Package content:
1. XVD2530 X-Ray sensor x 1 ( For Adult)
2. USB disk X 1
3. Quick User Guide X 1

4.Sensor holder X 1

5.Aluminum plate(for calibration) X 1

6. Sensor sleeves X 100 pieces

7.Bracket X 1, Backbar X 1, Bent Bar X 1,Front bar X 1,Positioning ring X 1,screw X 2

Dental X-Ray Digital Sensor XpectVision XVD2530(4 year Warranty)

$3,999.00 Regular Price
$3,499.00Sale Price
    • FDA Approved.Water Resistance Tested to IEC IP67
    • Patented high-definition direct imaging technology
    • Stunning first-image resolution and contrast
    • Proven durability through lab and field-testing
    • Thin footprint design for comfort and accuracy
    • Quality backed by a 4-year replacement warranty 
    • Works on Windows 11,10. NOT work on Mac computer
    • Directly plug in computer's USB to use

                  Software compatibility

                    It  can be integrated in

    • Patterson Eaglesoft, Dexis 10(Not work with Dexis 9,you may upgrade to Dexis 10)
    • VixWin, XVCapture(Apteryx), OpenDental
    • Carestream/Kodak/CS imaging 
    •  Sidexis 
    • If your software is NOT on above software list, contact us before you buy

    This sensor comes with a sofware that can take,save and manage images. You don't need to have other software.


    Cutting Edge Technology and Strict Tests Deliver Unrivaled Durability

    The Xpectvision intraoral sensor uses silica-based chips instead of the traditional material,cesium iodide (CsI), avoiding image blurring and performance deterioration.
    Sensor Tested to 500,000+ Exposures.
    High-Strength, Durable Cable.
    100,000+ cable bending tests and pull strength to withstand forces of up to 22 Ibs.

    Direct Imaging Innovation Provides Unparalleled Clinical Image Quality

    Photon-counting is an emerging technology in clinical CT that meets today's demands for a cost-effective solution that meets stringent technical requirements. Xpectvision is the world's first to apply this new technology to intraoral dental sensors. The result is unrivaled quality and consistency of image quality.
    Direct-imaging eliminates the need for time consuming exposure enhancements. Quick and easy adjustments to contrast and brightness can be made to meet a range of clinical requirements.

    Ergonomic Design to Maximize Patient Comfort

    One of the Thinnest X-Ray Sensors in the Market
    Both adult and pediatric sensor sizes are available. The Xpectvision's thin profile sensors are designed with patient comfort in mind, while providing an optimized imaging surface area.

    Sensor positioners help with quick positioning, significantly reducing patients’ discomfort and improving diagnostic efficiency.

    What is Photon-Counting Technology?

    A photon counting detector is made from a semiconducting material that allows for the direct conversion of the x-ray photon to an electrical signal.
    In this case, the  photons hitting the detector can be counted individually, creating a more accurate signal to generate images.

    Why Choose Xpectvision?

    Less than HALF price of other brand names.  Deliver long-l asting durability and clearer images and 4-Year replacement Warranty

    Brand Dexis Schick XpectVision
    Initial Sensor Cost $10,995 $7,995 $3,999
    Initial Warranty 1 year 2 years 4 years
    Extended Warranty $1995/year $1380/year N/A
    Replacement/Damage Cost $5,498 $3,450 N/A
    Estimated 4-year Total $16980 $10755 $3,999



    Specifications XVD2121 Plus XVD2530
    Grayscale 65,536 gray level (16 bit) 65,536 gray level (16 bit)
    Imaging Area 21*21mm 25*30mm
    Sensor Area 26.5*32mm 30*37mm
    Thickness 5mm 5mm
    Image Format BMP / DIR / DCM / JPEG / PNG / TIFF BMP / DIR / DCM / JPEG / PNG / TIFF

FREE SHIPPING, Delivered Within 1 Week 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, or 30-Day Money back

FREE Tech Support From USA 

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