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Daryou TWAIN Driver Installation Manual


This camera is NOT water-proof. Sheath MUST BE USED on it and you can not WIPE it with any liquid. Otherwise, it will get BLURRY or BURNT which is NOT covered by warranty. If this happens, send us email to for repair.

If you need help, call us at 1-800-257-6158 during Monday to Friday: 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time

You MUST finish below 2 Steps in SEQUENCE to have your camera functioning correctly. YOU CANNOT SKIP ANY STEP 

Step 1. Click                                    button  to install DARYOU Twain driver

Step 2. Click your software button below to set up this camera in your imaging  software

MUST READ: During this Step 2,you will see your Registration ID popping up on your screen. Then send email to WITH your Registration ID plus Camera's Amazon Order ID or Receipt  to get your  license. DON'T call us. We DON'T issue license over the phone

If you DO NOT see the Registration ID, that means your computer has activated the license. Follow the instruction to use it

What is Order ID or Order Number? If you ordered from Amazon, log in Amazon to find Order ID. Otherwise, attach your receipt on email

If your registration window close when you get the license from us, please do this Step 2 again to open the registration window












If your dental software name is not shown above and need Twain driver, follow bellow generic instruction to use

In your dental software, select "DY50 TWAIN32 1.0 (32-32)"  in the Sources as bellow






1. I can multiple pictures and see they are put on the right panel.But when I click "Done" button, only one picture are saved in patient chart

A: Your dental software doesn't support multiple pictures. Click the "Single Capture" box to use this driver's single mode

2. I can only take one picture each time

A. Make sure "Single Capture" box is UNCHECKED

You have done the setup. Below is for your FUTURE use ONLY. Don't do it now



Transfer a license from OLD computer to NEW computer

Step 1:

On NEW computer


1.Click                                     to install DARYOU Twain driver

2.Click your software button below to set up this camera in your imaging  software. You will see your NEW Registration ID. Copy this ID. It will be used on OLD computer



















Step 2:

On OLD computer, Click                                    to download and run it.

Put the Registration ID which you copied from NEW computer to "Registration ID" box, Click "Transfer Out". You will see your NEW license key. Then copy and put the NEW license key in NEW computer's License key box. click OK to activate on NEW computer.


If you don't see a window to let you put in Registration ID, that means there is NO license on the OLD computer. You cannot transfer out




















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